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Female exclusive :
CLASSES , COURSES , WORKSHOPS , SEMINARS. A variety of low impact Qi gong cultivation exercise programmes for Women of all ages.

5 ELEMENT QI GONG 5 element Qi gong is an internal breath control exercise that represents the five elements that are found throughout the body and correspond to a particular internal organ.


From low impact soft movements to high pace cardio routines. The fitness drills that we teach are unique to Qi gong training and will develop stamina, speed, strength , endurance and co-ordination they will also show you how to develop forward moving breath control our truly unique press up’s stimulate the thyroid,. We have specialist leg exercises that strengthen the Hips, legs, knees and exercises that will strengthen the body all over. Come along and try one of our classes now, you won’t be disappointed.


Health giving exercises through Qi gong cultivation. These low impact deep breath exercises are practiced with slow movements and postures, you will learn to move vital chi energy around the body through a series of exercises, that will range from singular breath control exercises to multiple movements. workshops throughout the year Women Self-defence Courses Self-defence and street survival programs for women, these classes will concentrate on vital striking.

One to one /private lessons / discount for groups of 5 or more.