Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Course for Teenagers (13 -18 age)

Standard Teenage Class is the best choice to start and practise Chow Gar Kung Fu. You can pick up basics and some unique techniques including self-defence, conditioning, and application. After a few months you will have such kind of skills that you would not have imagined before.


You can learn in this class for instance:

– Traditional Chow Gar training
– Chi Gung exercises
– Special Kung Fu power
– Self-defence
– Special and unique skills (Strengthen, Conditioning and hard work)

This traditional Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis kung fu style emphasizes self-control and co- ordination and is a highly effective system for fitness and self-defence. Chow Gar teaches the student to deflect or redirect an opponents’ force, allowing smaller students to be effective against larger opponents in self-defence. Kung Fu training for teens has proven again and again to be a great way to develop focus, self-esteem, co-ordination and a sense of accomplishment as they move through the curriculum.

Special muscle memory training is used to develop reflex response in our self-defence program. Our classes are based on the premise that one must be in control of him or herself before they can extend control to others for the purpose of self-defence. Self-control is developed through traditional training methods.

Tuesday and Thursday 17.00 – 27.00 7 Euro / Class