Adult Classes

Standard Adult Class is the best choice to start and practise Chow Gar Kung Fu. You can pick up basics and some unique techniques including self-defence, conditioning, and application.

After a few months you will have such kind of skills that you would not have imagined before You can learn in this class for instance:

Traditional Chow Gar training
Chi Gung exercises
Special Kung Fu power
Special and unique skills

Some exercises that you can practice here:

Chy Sau (Grinding arm)

This is a 2 person training drill to develop power in the wrists, fingers, shoulders and forearms. Chy sau is a pushing and resisting of force on the arm, the power developed through training this exercise is solid but never stiff, relaxed but firm. There are up to 18 variations of this exercise i.e. soft and hard, up and down, moving etc. After training chy sau you will experience a heavy feeling in your arms due to the method of training, this will not be a dead feeling as the power is live and emanates from the bones leaving one feeling alive with energy

Doei Chong (Double arm practice)

This is a 2 person training drill to develop power in the shoulders, wrist, inner and outer of the forearms, using footwork to step forward and back you will also train to develop forward moving power along with the 4 direction power , ie up , down , left , right. You can practice unique elbow and hammer fist techniques, forms and Chow Gar conditioning.