Private Kung Fu

You can start training with Private lesson with Gabor Banfalvi until school opening. If you are interested in this unique style please choose from the following trainings:


Traditional Chow Gar Kung Fu training:

Where you can pick up the basics and some unique techniques. This is the best training where health maintenance matches real Kung Fu techniques.

Acquirement of hard qigong techniques:

Your body become harder and more resistant within a few months. With this knowledge you can also improve yourself.

Kung Fu power training:

We focus on how to apply different techniques in real situation. These are really hard trainings with lots of strengthening and conditioning.

Indian Clubs training:

Especially exciting and enjoyable training. The Indian Club training is strengthener and relaxation in one training. If you learn some movement and techniques you can practise this alone at home or in a park.

If you are interested feel free to contact us anytime with your questions. Private lesson fees:

– For 1 Person: 30EUR / Hour
– For 2 People : 20EUR/Person/Hour

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