Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs


Indian Clubs are ancient exercise tools used more than 6000 years ago. Warriors from India would swing large bowling-pin shaped clubs, varying in weights, to limber up before battle. Now Indian clubs are practiced by many martial arts and strongmen associations to strengthen and stretch joints, tendons and connective muscles that are often forgotten about.


complex ancient swing patterns:

Use the same combinations of swings and twists that were used over 5000 years ago to improve your martial arts sports training or just everyday mobility.


advance in club weights:

Go from 5kg to 15kg as your grip,wrists and upper body strength improve. With different exercises for each weight and size club, this really is a well rounded exercise.


To use the law of the fulcrum to your training advantage:

The unique shape of the clubs means that physics is on your side. By simply twisting the clubs slowly in-front of you whilst holding the club handles you can practice isometrics. By swinging the clubs in full circles and holding the ends, you can let the centrifugal force stretch your rotator cuffs.


Hone your co-ordination and flexibility:

With the advanced patterns developed over centuries, you can hone your spacial awareness skill, co-ordination memory and proprioception.