Yip Shui


Yip Shui

Yip Shui continued on the tradition of Lau Soei after living and training extensively with Lau Soei. He established a reputation for the effectiveness of the Chow Gar style by meeting all challenges. He worked hard to teach and promote this style.

Yip Shui died in 2004. Yip Chee Keung, the son of Yip Shui, continues the family tradition as a promoter of this system. Chee Keung emigrated to London, England in the 1970s. He established a Chow Gar Southern Mantis School there. Paul Whitrod started his training with Yip Chee Keung at that school in 1974.

Paul is now the UK representative for Chow Gar. Ng Si Kay, Yip Shui’s son in law, is the current head instructor for Chow Gar Mantis Association (International) based in Hong Kong. Li Tin Loi, another student of Yip Shui, is teaching at the Hong Kong Tong Kong Chow Ka-Praying Mantis Li Tin Loi Martial Arts Association . Ng Woon Hung , also a student of Yip Shui, teaches at the Chow Gar Mantis Kung Fu Association in Mong Kok.

With the efforts and dedication of those teachers and many others, Chow Gar practitioners can now be found throughout the world. There are now Chow Gar schools and associations in Hong Kong, England, South Wales, Hungary, the Netherlands Australia, and in Chicago, USA.